MND: Shaftless Screw Conveyor

Solids Conveying, Recovery & Processing
Industrial & Commercial Solids Handling
Water and Waste Water Treatment Works Vertical

MND Screw Conveyors provide a cost-effective solution for bulk solids handling. They can be applied to numerous industrial or commercial applications including paper mills, abattoirs, food production, refineries, etc, for either recovery or removal purposes, or to waste flows to convey separated screened solids.
Single units can be supplied over 40 metres long and can be supplemented with additional screw conveyors allowing extended transfer capabilities. This could be over undulated areas and include vertical elevation if necessary.
Solids are conveyed by a heavy-duty shaft-less screw spiral that rotates between wear resistant liners without any intermediate bearings. This method imparts high throughput without entanglement or clogging and significantly reduces and simplifies maintenance requirements.
The spirals are highly resistant to wear and provide great durability for long periods of operation.
Conveyors are available with single or dual screw spirals. Where requirements dictate, screw shafts are also available and can be supplied as an alternative option to shaft-less screw spirals. Liners are supplied in various materials including high molecular plastics or stainless steel to suit the characteristics of the solids to be conveyed.
Research carried out by our manufacturer in cooperation with Nord Getreibe ensures exceptionally high levels of motor and gearbox reliability with conveyor systems as well as all our screening products supplied requiring drive systems.
In addition, MND Screw Conveyors are manufactured with the same philosophy of bolted sections to grant far superior inspection and maintenance access, which in turn will increase longevity and overall asset life besides imparting easy access for cleaning and hygiene demands, in particular for food processing applications.

In addition to Inclined Conveyors, MND units can also be supplied as

Vertical Screw Conveyors
Horizontal Screw Conveyors
Pivoting Screw Conveyors

Typical Applications:

Food Processing sugar beet, granules and pulp
grain mixtures
malt and barley
residues of dry, semi-solid and viscous produce
pastes, creams, preserves
meat and sausage waste
Agriculture fresh fruit, potatoes, kernels, peelings and cores
fruit and vegetable waste
peat and other gardening solids
Abattoirs entrails, hair or fur waste, bones, hooves, claws
Pharmaceutical and
Chemical Industry
granular materials, pills and powders
fertilizers, plastic materials
Paper Industry paper pulp, paper strips
Utilities screenings, de-watered, thickened sludge
chemical refill systems - granules or powder
reception, incineration plants, ashes
MND Shaftless Screw Conveyor: Specifications
Flow Capacities Up to 50 m³/h depending upon the solid conveyed
Fabrication: AISI: 304 or 316 Spiral: Mild steel or AISI: 304 or 316
Nominal Diameter 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600mm diameter
Variants Vertical, Horizontal, Pivoting
Maximum Length per Single Unit Up to 40 m