PERFOBASK: Screw-Screen

Operating Principle

Screw-screens are integrated machines consisting of a screen, a shaft-less spiral and an compaction unit. During operation, solids within the incoming flow will progressively collect onto the screen mesh and cause it to gradually blind. The upstream water level will rise and at a predetermined level, the spiral will be activated. Brushes fixed to the periphery at the lower section of the spiral will then clean the screen mesh and convey the solids up to the compaction zone.

DSS screw-screens can be supplied either for direct installation into a channel or as a complete package inside a stainless-steel tank with or without the option of a bypass rake screen. Continuous bagging systems are available to receive screenings and abate odour, the screenings can then be sealed without any personal contact.

DSS: Screw-Screen in a channel
DSS-T: Screw-Screen in Tank

Product Information