The SEDITANK FINESSE combined treatment systems integrates screening and grit separation with the option of fat, oil & grease (FOG) removal, all within a single package unit. Waste water enters the screen section where gross solids are removed from the flow, washed, compacted and dewatered. Depending upon the solids’ properties, a volume reduction of around 40% dry solids can be achieved. The screened effluent then discharges to a hopper section where grit and sand settlement is induced. The grit is conveyed to a grit classifier and can be further washed prior to dewatering and disposal into a container.

Model Variants

The SEDITANK FINESSE includes two variants, SEDITANK-FINESSE and SEDITANK-FINESSE-FOG. SEDITANK-FINESSE integrates two treatment sections, 1) screening and 2) grit / sand separation.
The SEDITANK-FINESSE-FOG range incorporates the SEDITANK-FINESSE sections plus a further treatment section for FOG removal.Both variants may be fitted with air diffusers to impart improved separation of attached organic matter from the grit and sand particles. With the SEDITANK-FINESSE-FOG, this will also enhance flotation and removal of FOG which can then be drawn off and disposed of into a separate container.
With air-agitation and screw classifier washing, grit and sand separation > 95 % removal of 0.20 – 0.25 mm (200 μm – 250 μm) grit particles is attainable.

SEDITANK-FINESSE systems are supplied for direct installation into prepared level ground. The screen section can be supplied with or without the option of a bypass rake screen. Continuous bagging systems are available to receive screenings and grit. This will abate odours and the screenings can be sealed without any personal contact.

For a larger capacities complete package inlet works solutions. Please see the DCO: Combined Screening Solutions
Flow Capacities Up to 6 l/s
Fabrication: AISI: 304 or 316 Spiral: Mild steel or AISI: 304 or 316
Screen solids reduction ≥ 40% DS/td>
Grit Removal Efficiency ≥ 95% grain size ≥ 200 μm (0.2 mm)
Typical Applications
  • Small sewage treatment works
  • Municipal waste water treatment works
  • Industrial effluent discharges
  • Receiving waste from tankers

MINYTOP Combined Systems can be retrofitted to existing works, or installed at new works, to impart reliable screening, grit and FOG removal for meeting the most demanding standards.


Product Information